VuLo - The Real Unreal

VuLo is the world’s FIRST Virtual Reality platform for Home Décor and is the ultimate engagement for your customers. Ideal for In-store applications, where your advisors and consultants can guide your customers to take decisions on products as if in the realms of their own space. Users can visualize a plethora of products like Wall coverings, Flooring, Upholstery, Furnishing and Home Textiles at the click of a button.

Vulo does not require any fancy computer hardware or VR equipment, it can run on any of the latest Android / Apple phones with VR kits as basic as a Google Cardboard. It is highly cost effective and user-friendly and demands no significant infrastructure to deploy.

Features -

  • Realistic Immersive Experience for Interiors / Exteriors
  • Walk, Look Around, Zoom In/Out
  • Runs on Android / IOS mobile platforms, no high end computing devices required
  • Visualize unlimited Products, Textures and Colors real time.