VU+ Value Proposition…

The retail scenario in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade or so. With the advent of international modern trade giants, it is going to get even more grand, sophisticated and competitive. Not to mention the importance of digital tools in enabling this growth further, Visualize IT is committed to catalyzing that growth through various solutions and products aimed at enhancing engagements between retailers and their customers.

Retailing of home decor products is a highly specialized activity requiring a lot of knowledge and experience. The sale process requires one to take an advisory approach wherein the customer seeks guidance from the salesman for selection of the quality, color, design, style and so on.
In a huge sense sales in home decor is a highly engaging and skilled job, the challenge to the retailer is retention or affordability of such skilled salesmen.

Some very common questions that customers ask home decor retailers...
“How would this fabric look as a curtain in real life?” or “I want to co-ordinate my curtain, upholstery and wall covering, can I visualize how it will look?” or simply “I want to design my room”

What if there was a tool which could automate product display and advice and help your customers visualize what they want to buy?


VU+ is the single point answer to these questions.
A game changing proposition for the home decor retailer, a beautifully designed sleek and robust kiosk , houses a high definition touch screen which comes with a pre-loaded retail version of our revolutionary InstaVu platform.

  • 3D Product Visualizer … Visualize specific products like Sofas, Curtains, Beds with unlimited fabrics
  • 3D Room Designer … Design your room with 360 Interior Views for visualization of Flooring, Walls, Decor, Furnishing and lot more.
  • Custom Catalog Builder … Create catalogs of desired designs and mail to your customers at the click of a button.
  • Product Manager … Manage your fabrics by Color, Quality, Design Style, Size, Weave, Features etc.
  • Quick Search … Search your fabrics based on Properties, Labels and Keywords
  • CRM Module … Mine customer data and send newsletters, promotions and new launch info.