TailorMate is a simplified digital execution of the Bespoke clothing experience. The consumer now has the power to design his garment and configure his signature look.

Whether it is choosing a collar fabric or a brilliant colored stitch thread, TailorMate offers a deep dive experience to customize.

TailorMate brings all these variables together on a Single Configurator platform which can be plugged into your existing Web-Shop or In-Store kiosk via our API.

Simply put, TailorMate is a technology that assists you like a partner bridging the gap to the consumer.

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Tailormate is backed by an efficient and experienced team from the imaging background.

We understand that every business is unique and may require additional support to have custom digital assets for their websites.


Grow your business

Tailormate places your business into a medium which brings an endless reach and consumer prospect. Shopping on the go for a custom tailored garment is now a reality.

Customer engagement

Retain customers by offering them with an engaging experience. The Tailormate configurator empowers your customer by giving them the satisfaction of designing their very own “Signature Look

Simplified Management

Maintains customer records and fabrics on a single platform, forecast buying patterns on the basis of a customer or seasonal history. Access information for Orders, Invoicing and Consumer Measurements.

The Next Big Thing

By having Tailormate technology you now have the opportunity to make your Custom Tailoring Business the next big thing, make a brand, make it large and reach out to endless customers in market.