InstaVU - 360 Product Visualization

InstaVU is a 360 3D Product Visualization platform that you can now use to present your products on your websites or mobile application in true 3D.

Unlike 2D images, InstaVU is a 360 viewport that gives consumers a far more fulfilling visual experience of your products. The experience is so surreal that it is the closest one can get to offering a “Touch and Feel” of the product.

Features like Rotate and Pan lets the user examine the product in depth. But the most striking feature, Deep Zoom, shows off the textures in its full glory. InstaVu offers an API for your developers to adapt the 3D Viewport in your E-commerce websites or Mobile Applications with ease. You can avail our Stand-Alone viewer to showcase products on your website as well.

Features -

  • 360 Product and Room view in Browser and Mobile Web-view.
  • Highly realistic rendering, lighting and shadows.
  • 3D content is accessible on Mobiles, Tablets and PC across multiple browsers.
  • Visualise unlimited Products, Textures and Colors realtime.
  • Rotate, Pan, Zoom freely.
  • Deep Zoom feature showing textures in detail.
  • Manage Textures with Labels and Properties.
  • Simple to implement API onto websites and mobile applications.
  • Build fancy Product Configurators.
  • Full scale Interior Views for visualization of Flooring, Walls, Decor, Furnishing and lot more.